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Manta Security Management Recruiters is the premier security management, corporate investigations, safety compliance, risk mitigation and loss prevention executive search firm. We are honored and proud to work alongside many of the most prominent, cutting-edge and innovative companies and affluent families around the globe. They rely heavily upon our expertise and insight and contract with us to find the perfect fit for their needs. Our goal is to maximize your return on investment in human capital and provide value-added solutions for our clients. When clients and recruiters come to us for placement services, they are looking for experienced leaders with forward vision and the skills to implement winning strategies and motivate others. 

Candidates with "EXCEPTIONAL TALENT".
Candidates with MORE CERTIFICATIONS, DIVERSE EXPERIENCE and are BETTER TRAINED than their current employees.
Candidates that represent the "TOP IN THEIR FIELD".

Client Advantages - Why Choose Manta?

Confidentiality: All information provided to Manta Security Management Recruiters is considered private and will not be used for any purpose other than presenting clients to candidates for consideration of employment. Client information relating to recruiting searches will be disclosed only as necessary to allow potential candidates to determine their interest and availability. We will maintain control of access to all client confidential information until such time as it is destroyed.
Unmatched Professionalism & Integrity: Our success is based solely on our ability to satisfy our clients. All of this is done with the goal of knowing our client's needs in order to fulfill each assignment with completeness, accuracy and strict confidentiality. Our business has been built and continues to grow based on strong recommendations and referrals. We accept only a limited number of assignments at a time to ensure that all clients receive our fullest attention. 
Fees: As a premier executive search firm, we earn our fee only when a candidate introduced by us has been hired by our client.
Guarantees: We stand behind every candidate that we submit, as each candidate is a direct reflection of our understanding of your needs. On Retained Searches where our client has paid the final invoice within 28 days, we will replace the candidate (employee) at NO ADDITIONAL COST to the client should the candidate (employee) voluntarily leave or be discharged within 180 days (6 months) of the initial start date of employment unless due to the fault on the part of the client in accordance with our Terms and Conditions. 
Value-Added Specialization and Focus: Clients choose Manta Security Management Recruiters because of our specialization and expertise! Our specialization makes the difference. We recruit ONLY for security management, executive protection, safety compliance, corporate investigations, loss prevention and risk-related positions. We believe that no recruitment firm can truly understand and expertly serve more than one industry, especially one as diverse and competitive as the world of security. We focus all of our resources and energies on this single business area. Our understanding of your wants and needs comes from inside the business, not outside.
Personal Service Tailored to Your Needs: We offer a highly specialized style of personal service and have access to the finest and most professional candidates ready to cope with the extreme challenges in our fast changing global environment. We understand our clients’ unique needs and we know how to identify TOP TALENT. 
Unparalleled Resources and International Reach: When you're searching for critical personnel, you don't just want an ideal candidate in six months, you want an ideal candidate NOW! Whether your needs are local, regional, national or global; our proprietary, confidential database containing thousands of Top Talented qualified leadership candidates, coupled with our Internet networks, close relationships with key personnel throughout the industry and constant search for and enlistment of potential candidates put us ahead from the very first day we initiate a search on your behalf. 
Timely and Effective Communication: Open communication is maintained throughout the entire course of an assignment. We are accessible and provide continued support well beyond candidate placement to ensure long-term success.
Ethics: We expect our mutual relationship to be one of ethical and  professional behavior in order to better serve your human capital goals. 
Executive Review: Our Executive Leadership Team is involved with reviewing ALL candidates prior to their presentation with our clients. 
Cultivating Long-term Relationships: We take extreme care to ensure that our clients receive the best candidates possible. As part of this process, Manta Security Management Recruiters in partnership with the client, conducts extensive due diligence on final candidates in order to maximize the client's chances of a successful hire.  We are committed to partnering with our client to build the best team. 
Getting Started: Getting started with Manta is as simple as contacting us via email, telephone or through our contact form, 

Direct Placement Retained Searches

A Retained Search is a process where our client incurs a fee when entering into an agreement with Manta Security Management Recruiters. This is a highly focused, consultative, AND an exclusive search arrangement. This saves our clients valuable time, resources and money. As the client, you are paying for our time; in essence we work for you as an extension of your Human Resources Department. The full resources of the Recruiter are focused on identifying the best candidates in the marketplace and presenting them for your consideration.

   Retained Search Fee Structure

  1.      Search fee is a percentage, computed on the hired candidate's projected first year’s base compensation.
  2.      1/3 of the Fee is due upon the signing of a contract and payable at the start of the Search Process.
  3.      1/3 of the Fee is due 28 days thereafter or upon the presentation of three qualified candidates to the client, whichever                    comes first.
  4.      The remaining balance of the fee is paid by the client within 28 days of acceptance of an offer by "OUR" candidate.
  5.      We offer discounted rates if we are conducting multiple searches on your behalf.

For Recruiters

Why utilize the professional services of Manta Security Management Recruiters? The intricacies of the career path for security and risk professionals can present a daunting challenge. Experience, certification, military or law enforcement transferable skills, community involvement, stewardship and education all come into play. We understand these human capital factors better than anyone. Our leaders are board certified, internationally recognized and have vast operating experience in these industries.

Recruiters are our clients, too!Due to our extensive global network, we have assisted countless recruiters with the placement of "Top-Talented" professionals. Time is of the essence when your client's needs have to be met. What can take broad, industry firms months to locate and screen potential candidates for a security management or loss prevention position; with our assistance, this time line can be accomplished in a fraction of that duration, benefiting both you and your client. We engage in inter-agency split fees with recruiters and placement agencies and our terms for this service are flexible. We are proud and excited to build strong, reciprocal partnerships with you. 

We want to become your first choice when searching for a leader in the security management or loss prevention fields, enabling you to build increased respect and credibility with your clients. We can provide you and your clients with a complete range of integrated search services for direct placement of candidates. 
Manta Security Management Recruiters is therefore YOUR ONLY LOGICAL CHOICE!

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