​​​​​​​​Professional Resume' Re-Write - The #1 Most Popular and Best Selling Security Resume' Service!
For those that already have an existing resume' but have seen little to no success in obtaining a new position. Your resume' needs advanced modifications and improvements to get you through the door and into the interview.  Regardless of your experience level, we will create a "HIGH IMPACT EXECUTIVE LEVEL" resume' for the security management, loss prevention, executive protection or corporate investigations fields. We will maximize your resume' with career-defining accomplishments and standout contributions utilizing the most appropriate keywords, style and formatting that adheres to online applicant tracking systems (ATS). Our re-write services are professionally designed to OUTPERFORM the competition. Turnaround time is 7-10 business days. The process is simple, painless and effective.​

What You Will Receive:

  1. A one-on-one email consultation (a phone consultation may be required) to gather all of the information necessary to re-write your professional resume' that will give you a competitive edge in the job market.
  2. Proprietary Career Assessment Analysis by our professional staff.
  3. ​Unlimited Email Communications Support.
  4. An Executive Level, Re-Written Resume' provided in three Versions taking into account your branding, experience, skills, career goals and interest in the position.        
    1. Version #1: Designed for sending via Email, Hardcopy or attaching to an application (when requested to do so by a potential employer). This is also the version that we recommend taking with you to in-person interviews. 
    2. Version #2: Designed for the most efficient conversion of information from your resume' into automated applicant tracking systems (ATS).
    3. Version #3: Designed for pasting into certain job applications - ASCII Text Only.
  5. A Strategic Follow-Up Letter written from scratch emphasizing accomplishments and interest in a position.
  6. Electronic versions in both Word and Pdf formats that can be customized by YOU and tailored to different positions. 

All This For The LOW PRICE of ONLY $497.00 

​​High Impact Cover Letters
The ULTIMATE GOAL of a Cover Letter is to excite, entice and interest the hiring decision maker, to read through your resume'. Cover letters should accompany EVERY resume' submission if possible, and they can make a difference between whether you are invited to an interview or not. We write cover letters for direct communications sent to potential employers and recruiters. Turnaround time is 5-7 business days.

What You Will Receive:

  1. A one-on-one email consultation to gather all of the information necessary to create a high impact Cover Letter that will give you a competitive edge in the job market.
  2. Unlimited Email Communications Support.
  3. A High Impact Cover Letter provided in Two Versions and written from scratch for direct job referrals, personal networking or a recruiter focus.
    1. Version #1: What we recommend for the majority of positions that you apply for. This version is the MOST comprehensive.
    2. Version #2: Our Value Proposition Cover Letter (or VPCL) contains less information than Version #1 but it hits hard and to the point by asking questions to the reviewer and providing just enough answers to peak their curiosity about your resume'.
  4. A Strategic Follow-Up Letter written from scratch emphasizing accomplishments and interest in a position.
  5. Electronic versions in both Word and Pdf formats that can be customized by YOU and tailored to different positions.

All This For The LOW PRICE of ONLY $157.00 

​​​Professional LinkedIn Profile Review and Critique
Relationships Matter. There are over 467 million professionals from over 200 countries and territories on Linkedin.com. This represents the largest group anywhere of influential, affluent and educated people. Most employers, recruiters and clients now utilize LinkedIn.com as a tool in both discovering new talent, analyzing and verifying the information of job seekers. The #1 Mistake made by LinkedIn.com members is not completing your profile, properly! This error can have a negative effect and has cost tens of thousands of people, tremendous opportunities.  Along with Your Professional Resume', Your Linkedin.com "Profile" is one of your MOST VALUABLE ASSETS

WE WROTE THE BOOK! Our Professional LinkedIn Profile Review and Critique is specifically designed with security management, loss prevention, investigations and risk-related leaders in mind. We will review, critique and provide suggestions for the improvement of your profile that can lead to tremendous success.

What You Will Receive

  1. A one-on-one email consultation (if necessary) to gather all of the information necessary to properly review and critique your LinkedIn profile.
  2. A Report of Findings on areas of concern.
  3. A list of custom and personalized suggestions and recommendations for you to improve your profile and gain a competitive edge in the job market and respective industries.
  4. Unlimited Email Communications Support.

All This For Only $97.00 


Career Development Consulting
Are you a career-seeker and  have career-related questions to ask? Do you need a QUICK RESPONSE to a dilemma, salary negotiation or challenge? Take advantage of our Career Consulting Program. Our career coaches, recruiters and principals will be happy to assist you! 

$127.00 Flat Rate per Hour

The Tax Man Says...........
Remember that career-related expenses can be 100% Tax Deductible. Please consult with your accountant or tax professional for full details.

~Define and Elevate Your Career Today!~

#1 Security Resume' and Career Services

We are proud of our continuing commitment to support our Nations Finest! All Active Duty U.S. Military Members and

Honorably Discharged Veterans are eligible to receive a 10% DISCOUNT off of our Career Services Programs listed above. 

Professional Resume' Re-Write Service & High Impact Cover Letter Package Special
Save Over $50.00 - For the LOW, LOW PRICE of
ONLY $597.00

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DG (Retired US Federal Special Agent) writes: "By the way, I wanted to let you know that I submitted my refined resume (which your firm produced) to another headhunter/resume firm and they evaluated my resume - without knowing that I had it professionally reviewed and adjusted.  They offer a service to rewrite resumes as well.  While it would have been in their best interest to offer to tweak my resume - they wrote back and advised that my resume was outstanding and they would not make any changes.  That is a nod to your firm and the work that you and your staff accomplish.  Thank you for that."

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We Maintain the HIGHEST SUCCESS RATE with Job Seekers who Obtained Positions, AFTER Ordering our Resume' and Cover Letter Service!

​KL (Retired Senior US Senior Federal Agent) writes: "I retired  after 29 years and recently accepted an executive level job. And I have to believe that the work that Manta did on updating, improving and polishing my resume’ as well as my LinkedIn Profile had a lot to do with it so THANK YOU!  I have been praising Manta and telling everyone I know who are close to retirement to do themselves a HUGE favor and hire Manta.  Thanks again and take care." 

Proudly Featured in Security Management Magazine, Chief Security Officer CSO Magazine, Police Magazine, Careerbuilder, Yahoo Jobs, AOL Jobs, Hot Jobs, CBS News Money Watch, U.S. News - Money & World Report, SecurityInfoWatch, The Degree 360, and Top Notch Executive Interviews.

MR (Law Enforcement Veteran) writes: “I can’t thank you enough! This being my first offered position outside my police career, I had never negotiated with an employer before. It was so complicated but you guys really broke it down and simplified it for me. I was able to go back and get over $11K in additional compensation and benefits. The time spent on the phone with Tony was educational and invaluable. 

RC (U.S. Military Veteran) writes: "I left the military after a successful career over a year ago. Even with a strong record, I could not find a job. The folks from the transition program who advised us for civilian life, really didn’t prepare me for what was ahead. After much trial and error, I realized that I had to get my resume set up properly. So I did it myself using an online template, then hired the first resume service (at $59), the second (at $175) and the third (at $325) and received the same results.  No interviews. No jobs. Through a google search, I found your company. After receiving my new resume and applying to online job postings, I started getting interviews. Finally, I was hired by a great company. I thank you and my family thanks you."

EL (Retired Senior US Intelligence Official) writes: "I hate to admit it but I was wrong. I reviewed a number of executive-level resume' writing services. Some with fees as high as $3k. Yet, even at the $500+ price tag that Manta charges for it's resume and cover letter service, I was very skeptical and believed it to be a waste of time and money. However, another  executive recruiter recommended that I give Manta a shot. I'm so glad I took the leap of faith. The resume' and documents that you created are spot on. Within 2 weeks, I had two interviews and have since accepted a very solid position. Thank You, Manta Team!

At Manta Security Management Recruiters, we understand the challenges encountered in obtaining security management, loss prevention, executive protection and risk mitigation positions. We realize that all levels of professionals need sound, proven and current career advice and have assisted thousands of professionals by combining our extensive network of client and business contacts, coupled with in-depth career management and expertise. We pride ourselves on solving the toughest career and job search problems by becoming actively engaged in the process. That combination has helped job seekers achieve tremendous success.

Ask Yourself The Following Questions:

  1. Is your resume' not producing your desired results?
  2. Have you already revised or paid to have your resume' re-written by another provider but still no success?
  3. Not getting an interview or response after submitting to a job posting? Multiple job postings?
  4. Are you wanting to transition from a law enforcement or military career into a private sector security role?
  5. Have you been interviewed and felt it was successful but still didn't get offered the position?
  6. Has a position been offered but you weren't sure how to properly negotiate the best compensation & benefits package?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, WE CAN HELP! We've earned the top designation when it comes to each of our unique programs. Explore the various career enhancement options and select the one that best suits your needs - it's a game changer.

Why Do I Need A Strong Resume'?

Reality Check: The MAJORITY of all resume' submitted to a job posting or sent directly to the potential employer get tossed into the "NO THANKS" pile and over 75% of applications submitted online through Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) are discarded. That leaves a very small percentage that make it into the "YES, WE MUST INTERVIEW THIS PERSON" pile. What pile do you think your resume' has been in?

A professionally written resume' will dramatically increase your opportunities for success in obtaining a new position. Your resume' is the means through which that "FIRST IMPRESSION" is made with your targeted employer. Most highly qualified individuals never receive a request for an interview because their resume' does not adequately portray or convey their qualifications or accomplishments nor does it translate or transition into what employers are currently looking for. And for the self-employed, your professional resume' is vital for marketing to potential clients. Under-marketing yourself can cost you not only that next great position but hundreds of thousands of dollars over the span of your career.

Our career coaching professionals specialize in the protective services, security management and risk mitigation industries. We stand in the shoes of a hiring executive and are ready to work with you NOW to create a unique and personalized set of documents that market you for the position you seek and set you apart from the competition. Whether you are new to the job environment, a seasoned professional, recently separated veteran or law enforcement officer or executive, Manta Security Management Recruiters is a partner you can trust! A member of your core group of professionals that has assisted thousands of people, just like you, in getting to the top.

What a Professionally Written Resume Can Do for You!
OPEN DOORS to a wealth of new opportunities!

TARGET YOUR GOALS - rather than just listing portions of your past that may be unnecessary or detrimental! 
Create a POSITIVE and ENTHUSIASTIC RESPONSE from hiring officials and selection committees!
Minimize or ELIMINATE SCREEN-OUT FACTORS, elements that can cause a resume to be screened out rather than selected!
RANK HIGH with automated applicant tracking systems (ATS): i.e., resumes scanned into computer databases, submitted via e-mail, and posted on job sites!
Help you MAINTAIN CONTROL of your interviews by directing the interviewer toward your strengths and away from any potential liabilities!

INVEST IN YOURSELF and DEDUCT THE COSTS associated with resume' and career services from your taxes!

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